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Ease of Use

MetaPoint CMS allows non-technical users to build a complete powerful portal website. MetaPoint CMS can be used for web-based extranet, intranet, community and project team websites and web-enabled databases.
It's perfect for business users who want to get things done quickly but donít want to involve a webmaster for each step of the way.
Packed with rich features, like news and file management, discussion forum, survey, calendar and more, MetaPoint CMS is a Swiss-army knife for people who want to use the web as a communication and collaboration medium.


Follow these easy steps to create your own portal:

First: login
Easy Login! Just enter your email address and password and you are in! No need to remember a username since your email address is used to identify you.
Add a component: gizmos
Once logged in and if you have the right privileges, you can add components (they are called Gizmos in MetaPoint CMS) like discussions, polls, files, surveys, and calendars to your page. Just select what gizmo you need from the list and it's online!

Add more content
Once you have added some gizmos like a calendar or a discussion, you can add text or upload files on the page.

That's it!
Now you now how easy it is to add content and components to a MetaPoint CMS website! No need to call the webmaster.

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